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The Impossible Quiz 4 which is available at our website for free is the most recent edition of the popular quiz game where users have to think outside the box to succeed. The new upgraded graphics with interesting animation as well as tricky questions are waiting for you.

About The Impossible Quiz 4

If you have never player the impossible quiz before, I will make a short review of the game.The game has rather simple gameplay - all you have to do is to find the answer and click on it using mouse. If the answer is right you will move to the next question. Keep in mind that in some levels you will have to find the answer which is hidden, or play the animation to find out the possible answer.


The Impossible Quiz 4 is also called the impossible quiz book 4. It contains the most difficult questions picked from all parts. To key to success in this game is not to hurry up and make decisions wisely. Hope that you will enjoy the game at our website.